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Sasha Tikhonov

Russian Designer, Co-founder and Art Director at Flyphant studio.







Customer Feedback
Recently, I often hear from clients questions like “How do you feel about edits?”. This means making changes to the layouts, to the logic of the interface. I got the feeling that everyone with whom the client had to work before, was treating changes as evil, that destroys their idea and vision.


Stages of interface development
The way Flyphant organizes the process of the interface development for a new project or its updating.

Product and concept designers
During the last few years, a fresh name for the designer’s position has consolidated in the industry of screen interfaces, which is not familiar for everyone yet. It is a product designer. I’ve heard many definitions of this position for a long time.

Interface animation for developers
Why it is necessary to animate interface, how it should and should not be made.


How a designer can get found
The tips that will help get to such an employer that needs you, not a closed vacancy.

Design for the future
3 meanings worth keeping in mind.

How to facilitate the website development for you, the developers and those who will take part in the maintenance later.

Outsource: how to work with them
Some tips for those who delegate tasks, work with contractors, freelancers and other outsource.


The first place in BigBrandHackaton 2014 in nomination of Lipton brand.

Featured in Behance.

Featured in Industrial Design Served.

Featured in App Design Served.

Featured in Web Design Served.

Most creative couples of Russia 2010 (12 place).


I love to travel around the world. So the most of my instagram feed is travel shots.


Speech at People's Friendship University with the story of the development of mobile applications together with Andrei Kopanev from Moqod.


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